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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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Class – VI (Knowing our numbers) Maths Worksheet – 1
1. Write the numeral for each of the following numbers a) Nine thousand eighteen b) Two crore two lakh two thousand two hundred two c) Thirty million one hundred five thousand sixty three d) Fifty two million two hundred five thousand six. 2. Insert commas, using Indian place value system. Also write the number name of each: a) 527864 3. of each. a) 97645310 b) 279453 4. 5. 6. 7. c) 5035472 a) How many thousands make a lakh? b) How many thousand make a crore? To stitch a shirt 2m15cm cloth is needed. Out of 40cm cloth, how many shirts can be stitched and how much cloth will remain? A merchant had Rs 78,592 with her. She placed an order for purchasing 40 radio sets at Rs 1200 each. How much money will remain with her after the purchase? The number of sheets of paper available for making notebooks is 75,000. Each sheet makes 8 pages of notebook. Each notebook contains 200 pages. How many notebooks can be made from the paper available? 8. 9. 10. By how much is 13246510 larger than 4658642. Population of Sundernagar was 2,35,471 in the year 1991. In the year 2001, it was found to be increased by 72958. What was the population of the city in 2001? Estimate the sum a) (21397 + 27807 +42505) to nearest thousand b) (3280+4395) to the nearest hundred c) (10083+29380) to the nearest hundred 11. Express each of the following as Roman numerals : a) 79 f) 40 12. a) XLV f) LXIII b) 83 g) 99 b) XXIX g) LI c) 89 h) 58 c) XCII h) XL d) 14 i) 37 d) LXXXIV i) XC e) 20 j) 19 d) XXXIX j) LXXII b) 954362 c) 18950049 Insert commas using international place value system. Also, write the number names

Express each of the following as Hindu Arabic numeral:


Show that each of the following is meaningless. Give reason a) VC b) IL c) VVII d) IXX

Class – VI (Basic Geometrical Ideas) Maths Worksheet – 2 1. Which of the following has no end point? a) a line segment c) a line 2. a) a line c) a ray 3. b) a ray c) none of these...
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