Childminding Homework - Behaviour Policy and Procedure

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Children’s Behaviour Policy
It is my duty to manage children’s behaviour effectively and in a manner appropriate for their stage of development and particular needs. By providing a happy, well-maintained environment, in which the children are invited to help out and look after each other, the children in my care are encouraged to develop their strengths, gifts and talents to contribute them to society as they grow up. By relying at all times on inner peace and stability, I encourage children to do the same by example and they develop confidence in themselves. I do not, and will not, administer physical punishment or any form of punishment, nor any kind of humiliating or hurtful treatment to any child in my care. Noone in my household and no childminder I will recommend will ever do that either. I empower the children to take responsibility for their actions and speech by role modeling and encouraging to speak kindly and use our bodies beneficially. I invite the children to agree on a ‘contract’ of key principles to help us get along and play/work together well.

Children’s Behaviour Procedure
I keep up to date with behaviour management issues and relevant legislation by taking regular training and by reading relevant publications. All parents receive a copy of my Behaviour Policy. I agree methods to manage children’s behaviour with parents before the placement starts. These are discussed with parents during initial visits before the contract is signed to ensure appropriate care can be provided. Wherever possible I try to meet parents’ requests for the care of their children according to their values and practices. Records of these requirements are agreed and kept attached to the child record forms. These records are revisited and updated during regular reviews with parents. I work with parents as a team so if anything comes up, we can find a solution together and consider what would be the best course of action to support a child. I expect parents to inform me of any changes in the child’s home circumstances, care arrangements or any other change which may affect the child’s behaviour such as a new baby, parents’ separation, divorce or any bereavement. All information shared will be kept confidential unless there appears to be a child protection issue. I also prefer we do not discuss the children in front of them as this can be disempowering, and keep conversations on how to support children privately. I am available outside of childcare times to speak on the phone or via email. I will always respond to emails within 24 hours. I offer regular review meetings with parents to discuss their child’s care and any issues or concerns, also preferably when the child is not present. If I do not share the same first language as the child’s parent, I will take action to facilitate effective communication. This may include seeking guidance from the local early years team. I work together with parents to make sure there is consistency in the way the children are cared for. A consistent approach benefits the child’s welfare and makes sure that the child is not confused. I will only physically intervene, and possibly restrain, a child to prevent an accident, such as a child running into the road, or to prevent an injury or damage. All significant incidents are recorded in an incident book and will be shared and discussed with the parents of the child concerned so that together we can liaise to resolve any behavioural situations. From time to time children will have a challenge learning to deal with their emotions and feelings and this is a normal part of child development. I reassure the children that all emotions are perfect as the different types of weather in the sky, however I am very clear that each child and adult is empowered to use their speech and actions beneficially.

* Agreeing to a contract with the Children:

I will introduce the children in one of their first visits, to a contract that was made by other...
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