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Assignment By Monika Pawlowska!!!
Supporting children through transition in their lives. K2T1112

For all people, changes or transitions are the staff of everyday routine. Some of the changes might be good and some of them not so good. The importance is to be able support children during their transition and make them feel safe and happy in new environment. 1. Children aged 0-3years as they make transition from home to daycare, room to room within a setting.

For all children either is the new place they are coming in, or a transition from room to room it is a very new situation, and they all will need our support to go through this in the most sensitive way, to give them sense of security. Following the Policies and Procedure of our setting I would explain to the parent that they are very welcome to stay with their kids during the first couple of days, before the child will get used to the new surroundings and people. In all settings children have their own key worker, which help child from the beginning to develop good relationship with them. It’s very important for settings to adapt their routine to the needs of babies, rather than the other way around. Children might be crying when their parents will leave them at the nursery, but they soon settle in. Parents, key workers and all other people should know it is a great opportunity for child to develop mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.

2. Children aged 3-7years as they move between different settings.

It’s already hard for children, mostly the young ones to figure out their world and to know who and what they can rely on, get used to the routine they already adapt and people they had to get close to with when they were starting nursery, especially if the people or places in their lives are constantly changing. It’s always about the routine and people that children are getting used to. If the child will come from a different setting it’s very important to make her/him safe and...
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