Childless by Choice

Topics: Family, Love, American films Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Lesson 12- Childless by choice Marissa Usselman HHS4MA in this article this women is saying how society makes it seem like everyone wants or has to have children which isn’t true and she says she always ends up having to defend her decision in front of family members or reunions. Shes saying that just because society tells you to have children and that’s it’s a part of life isent true its all about your own personal opinion. This article is pretty good validity and the women in this article is bias toward people with children. in this article a women feels very strongly that everyone who’s childfree hates children, which isn’t always true lots of couples are happily married and they have a fulfilling relationship without children. In her article she says women with children hear about women not wanting children they say negative things like, only women who hate children are childfree or they are selfish or they are ruining the order of life. in this article a women is bias toward childless familys because she says that familys that don’t have children will never be happy in life and that they are being selfish to society and they’re family around them when there are women out there who would love to have children but they cant because they are infertile. in this article a women says that familes without children are more likely to fail because since they don’t have any children they wont feel as trapped or loved or have anything to lose but their partner because its not like they have children who they will be hurting but just themselves.
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