Childish Courageousness

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Childish Courageousness
Courage is practiced by a person when that person has the strength to face pain and fear head on. Since pain and fear vary by each person and their degree of these feelings; courageous acts, big and small, happen every day. Adults are often recognized for their courage: when joining the military, taking unfamiliar job opportunities, dealing with the death arrangements of a parent, and so forth. These are all very courageous acts, and this paper is not meant to undermine them. However, the acts that often go unnoticed, maybe simply because they are expected with growth, are the everyday acts of a child. With the youth of childhood comes the first time for everything, and these may be the most courageous acts of all.

The word “courageous” is rarely associated with a child’s first steps. Yet, without their vocalization of fear, how is one to know their feelings at said time. Imagine it though. As a new being, most things are surprising and new. Something a child becomes comfortable with is the stabilization of traveling on all four limbs. And even though that way of travel is perfectly fine, people keep setting the child upright on half of the support they have grown to rely on and expecting them to walk. Typically, a child learning to walk cannot tell the adults pressuring them to that they are full of fear. So they do it. The child walks. It is natural and the majority of the human population can walk, but each person walking has likely faced total fear as a child when moved from the horizontal to vertical position. It is a social norm, and it is still courageous.

Secondly, a child must have the courage to face the first day of school. Not all children receive the blessing of education, but those who do must overcome the fear of the first day, or maybe the fear of the first week, of school. At around five years old, children must leave the side of their parents which they have grown so accustom to, and spend the day with a...
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