Childhood Sexual Behaivor

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Penis, Orgasm Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Infant boys can have erections starting in utero and throughout the first few weeks of life. Sexual arousal in infant girls is less detectable but there have been reports of lubrication and genital swelling. They may have involuntary muscle contractions that simulate an adult orgasm, especially in boys, however they are not able to ejaculate. Masturbation to orgasm is rare, although, masturbating is typical for infants starting as early as 5 months old. Sexual curiosity can start at around 12 to 15 months old and is usually shown by playing games like doctor, wanting to take a shower with a parent, or watching a sibling change clothes. Between the ages of 3 to 8 years old, sexual curiosity starts to move from the self, to being curious about other children’s bodies as well. There have been several studies to try to figure out what is normal childhood sexual behavior. Most of the sexual behavior that is experienced during this age is normal but parents and other adults close to the child need to keep their eyes open for signs of sexual abuse. The material suggests that most childhood sexual abuse is done with someone close to a child so parents need to really listen to their child if they come to them saying something is wrong. Preadolescence is the age where children start to form same-sex friendships with people they can share secrets with. At this age, children hear and see many sex related things and go to their friends to talk about those things while trying to figure them out. At this stage, preadolescences are in a phase where they are more worried about their own bodies. They may have sexual urges but most do not act on them. Puberty marks the beginning of adolescence. At this stage, children start to develop primary and secondary sex characteristics as well as major changes in hormones. These developments also make reproduction possible. By age 13 to 14, most males have experienced ejaculation through masturbation. Girls do not seem to...
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