Childhood: Question and West Jakarta

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  • Published : June 9, 2011
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My memorable childhood event is when I lost in the mall. On that day, I went to Ciputra Mall with my parents and my elder brothers. Ciputra Mall is located in West Jakarta, people also called it with Citraland. I went there to hang out with my family and playing games. And then my father accompanied me to play a slide, he just sat down in the chair and I played a slide by myself. I felt happy when I played it. Suddenly, after played a slide I couldn't find my father at his chair. I walked around the slide to find my father but I didn't find him. After that, I walked around the mall by myself and I was crying at that time. Many people looked at me but they didn't do anything to help me. Then, there was a stranger approached me and asked me why I walked alone in the crowded mall. I just cried and didn't answer his question. After that, he gave me a balloon and he asked me to come with him to find my parents. We walked around the mall and finally I met my parents, I cried when I saw them. Then I said thank you to that stranger. My parents got angry with me because they thought I run from the playground and walk alone around the mall. But, I told them that when I was finished play a slide, I didn't find my father at his chair. After I told that, my parents didn't get angry anymore with me. And we continued our family time in the mall until evening.
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