Childhood Object That Relates to Things I Hold Dear Today

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Evolution, Fitness Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: September 29, 2011
This day was like any other day. I had gotten off of the bus and was getting a ride home from my dad like usual. I ran to my room to play for an hour and there I discovered this giant cylindrical object at the end of my bed with the words “Lincoln Logs” on the side. I opened it up slowly, not knowing what to expect, and discovered it was full of small brown logs that smelled like they had just came out of the forest. After my initial shock was gone, I started to try to put them into a house and they magically fit together. It amazed me, and it also relates to things I hold dear to this day such as my extracurricular activities and relationships.

As was stated, something that I hold dear today is my extracurricular activities. One of the aspects of that is how most of the ones that I play are team sports. Team sports require a constant relationship between you and your teammates that you have to build through practicing. If you don’t take the time to do that, then the whole team will crumble right before your eyes. On the other hand, those kind of sports can help build up different aspects of your life. Being on a team, whether it’s successful or not, will build up your confidence and physical fitness. Both of these things are important when it comes to life outside sports, and building them up doing something you like is easy and fun to do.

Along with physical fitness and confidence, another thing that I think is important in my life is the relationships that I have made. I’m talking about all the different kinds of relationships; you with your parents, with friends, with a “special someone”, and more and more. For example, take a relationship with your parents. Imagine that you and your parents are Lincoln Logs. Your parents are like the base of a tower while you expand up from there. If there are arguments or major disagreements with your parents, then the base would become shaky and may make the tower fall. In contrast, look at a relationship between...
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