Childhood Obesity Research

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In these days, obesity is a one of serious problems in the U.S. Obesity is disease that causes weakness of bone, adult illness or other diseases. The number of obese people is increasing ,and Especially childhood obesity is becoming a serious issue with many health problems and social problems. People that suffer from obesity in their childhood will have a hard time to get rid of the fat in their life. It affects not only adults, but also children. It can be more serious social problems.. In the U.S twenty five percent of children are overweight and obese. About 70% of obese adolescents grow up to become obese when they are adult. It is not only U.S's problem, but also every other countries. For example, "childhood obesity in developed countries can has been increasing since 1971"(Degahn). The most serious problems that causing childhood obesity are eating habits, lack of exercise, and advertising of food.

Basically, obesity means the condition of being extremely overweight. There is a standard to measure among child is normal or obesity or overweight. "It can be defined as an excess of body fat. There is no consensus on a cutoff point for excess fatness of overweight or obesity in children and adolescents"(Degahn). Also, "The Center for Disease Control and prevention defied overweight as at or above the 95th percentile of BMI, Body Mass Index, for age and 'at risk for overweight' as between 85th to 95th percentile of BMI for age"(Degahn).

Irregular eating habit makes children obese. In current society, .many people live a hectic and busy life. Children also put in same environment. Children usually go to school early and come back late night. It causes children to delay even skip their daily meals. Sometimes the only chance to eat is in the car while they are going to school or coming back from the school to home to have breakfast or dinner. As a result, children are eating fast and instant food contains high fat and calories and drinking more sugar-sweetened drinks. It makes children and their parents lead to consume high calories food more and more because it is convenient and low cost. High calorie foods and irregular eating patterns make people's health deteriorate, reduce metabolic rate, and can lead to obesity. Childhood obesity is one of the results of irregular eating habits.

Also, socio-economic status of parents is related to eating habits. "Children from families with higher socioeconomic status are no less likely to be overweight or obese than those in families with lower socioeconomic status"(Childhood Obesity). Usually, low class family has dual income so that they could not pay attention to their children less than only husband or wife works. Even though parents from higher socioeconomic status are a dual income family, they can afford to hire babysitter for their children so that they can take care of their children well.

To solve this problem, when parents go to groceries store, they should choose fruits or vegetables instead of convenience food such as fast food. fast food is most of those kind of food that contain high in sugar and fat. Also, they have to limit sweetened beverages such as soda, juice. "These drinks provide little nutritional value in exchange for their high calories so that they can make children feel too full to eat healthier foods"(Treatment and Drugs). "When parents and children have a meal, they should discourage eating in front of a screen, such as a television, computer or video game because this leads to fast eating and lowered awareness of how much they are eating"(Treatment and Drugs).Even though those things are not a big deal to do, Parents should aware that even small changes can make a big difference in children's health.

another cause of obesity is lack of exercise. To solve the problem of obesity, exercise is more important than before. However, watching television, using the computer, and play video games make children lack of exercise. In addition, increased...
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