Childhood Obesity in Today's Modern World

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Running Head: Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity in Today’s Modern World
Caitlin Wolfe
English Composition122
October 11, 2010
Mary Lounsbury

Childhood obesity has become an overwhelming problem for society today. As it grows in awareness more people are becoming involved in finding a solution to this growing problem. Childhood obesity has occurred due to the fast pace of technology, the problem of school budget cuts, and more children becoming latch key kids. There are many experts looking into the problem but that is only the first step into solving how to avoid childhood obesity. There are more children becoming attached to the latest technology and less to the good old-fashioned nature of being outdoors and playing. It is not their fault however, as people have become reliant on technology to entertain our children. Cutting school budgets is leading to more inactivity of the children. There is one other area that is often over looked and it is that as working parents we have found that it is much easier to keep the children entertained by the use of video games and other technological devices. The facts are astounding, and without becoming aggressive about the growing problem it has only become worse over time. More and more children are becoming diabetic and are having many health problems that they would not have to be dealing with if only as a society people stop talking about it and become proactive about childhood obesity. Over the past thirty years technology has sped up to try and meet the demand of a quick paced society. Unfortunately, technology happens to be one of the primary causes for childhood obesity. Technology is causing “overweight in children and adolescents and is generally caused by a lack of physical activity,” ( due to video games, computers, and television. As a society, there is the matter that children are spending more time with the latest technology because their parents are not around. The children have found that using technology can be entertaining and causing them to become proficient at multi-tasking as well as interaction with other children. However, this is leading to the lack of physical exercise that they could be getting if there was parental supervision around to guide them. Now, it is understood that with the demands that society has put on working professionals today, that more and more children are being left to entertain themselves. Technology has become a substitute for parents entertaining or spending time with their children. Though not intentional, parents may not realize how detrimental this can be to a child. It has been shown that “constraints on parent’s time potentially contribute to children’s weight problems as working parents probably rely more heavily than non-working parents on today’s technology”( Looking back over the years it has come from a world of children playing outside to being stuck indoors and playing the latest technology. There are certain factors that do play into the role of children staying indoors more, and spending less time outdoors. For instance, the rate of crimes in general has risen to an alarming rate, including kidnapping. This can happen more frequently because the parents may be home but are not outside with the children. The parents may be finishing up some work for the office, or even spending that few precious moments of quiet time they rarely get. So, taking a deeper look into the problem of childhood obesity and the fact that technology does play a large role in it, can not just be blamed on the parents of the child, but the environment in which they are surrounded by. Over the years, the conditions for improved living and public health had improved, but as society has become more machine operated the conditions for healthier living and health has actually decreased. “Experts argue that it is difficult to predict what life...
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