Childhood Obesity

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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I. Introduction
Obesity among children has risen greatly worldwide. Obesity in chilren can causes a serious complication, and increase the risk of premature illness. There are a factor that causes obesity among children and there could be a ways to prevent this issue to keep increasing.

II. Body

A As the adult, obesity in childhood causes hypertension, dyslipidaemia, chronic inflammation, increased blood clotting tendency endothelial dysfuntion, and hyperinsulinaemia. 1 This clustering of cardiovascular disease risk factor, known as the insulin resistance syndrome, has been identified in children as young as 5 years of age.(Ebbeling,Pawlak & Ludwig, August 10,2002) a Adolescents an young adults who died of traumatic causes. b Overweight in chilhood increase the risk of death from ischaemic heart disease in adulthood two-fold over 57 years.

2 Type 2 Diabetes, once virtually unrecognised in adolescence, now accounts for as many as half of all new diagnoses of diabetes in some population. a Entirely attributable to the paediatric obesity epidermic. b The emergence of Type 2 diabetes in children represents an ominous development, in view of the macrovascular (heart disease, stroke, limb amputation) and microvascular (kidney failure, blindness) sequelae.

B The factor of child obesity keep increasing.
1 Have a mutation in gene encoding leptin(hormon that normally produced by adipoctytes and secreted in porpotion to body fat mass).(Ebbeling,Pawlak & Ludwig, August 10, 2002)
2 Physical activity
a Spent less time moderate and vigorous physical activity. b Watching television or videos, playing video or computer games. c Television advertise causes the children to eat more.
3 Family factors
a Family life has change since two decade ago.
b Eating family...
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