Childhood Obesity

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Childhood Obesity
In this essay I’m going to be explaining childhood obesity. And some of the leading causes of this problem and ways I think could be helpful in finding a way to fix this problem. Some of the things will be things that I have experienced and seen and some of it will be things that I read up on. So before I began do you think that this problem is caused from society as a whole becoming lazy, the media shoving unhealthy food and beverages in our face in many different forms from radio and TV commercials, billboards, social networks, and grocery ads, or is it because there are at least 3 or more fast food restaurants on every street corner? I personally feel all of the above is why, but continue reading and then decided for yourself.

I have a family member who has had to deal with childhood obesity and from what I have seen a lot of the reason we are dealing with childhood obesity is poor diet, such as fast food, vending machine snacks, baked goods, candy, dessert and soft drinks. Which seem to be taking over America not just children it’s just a higher risk for children. Also lack of exercise we as Americans have become lazy because of new technology i.e. Computers, television, video games, and cell phones. All of these technologies have made it easier for our children to eat poorly and not exercising or playing outside which in turn is causing childhood obesity. These are only two of the causes; others can be genetics or hormonal issues. Another cause is family history which means if the child only see his family eating junk food in large amounts and not eating healthy things at all and they don’t exercise then the child is going to do the same thing. Socioeconomics is another cause, this is when we go into the store and walk right past the fresher foods to the easier less expensive foods. (I personally use to do this a lot). Like frozen meals, cookies, crackers, chips and all the other junk food that is easily accessible when shopping. We...
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