Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity

“The American Academy of Child and Adolescence Psychiatry suggests that about 20 percent of

all children and adolescents in the United States are obese.” (1st Paragraph, 2nd sentence from There are many issues that affect children who are overweight. Children who are overweight

are at a greater risk for immediate and long term health issues. These kids also are at a greater risk for

emotional problems. Childhood obesity has gotten out of control over the past couple of years. First and foremost childhood obesity starts with children not eating properly and not exercising

enough. This typically is a habit that has formed early in life, by families who are always on the go.

Moms and dads who typically work late or kids who are involved in after school activities are just some

of those who are at a higher risk. Eating out is the number one cause of childhood obesity. Fast food

restaurants are very convenient and hard to pass up when families are always on the go. When families

are always busy this doesn’t give them enough time to exercise. It is proven that thirty minutes of

exercise a day can lower the risk of being obese. Unhealthy behaviors, such as poor diet and lack of

exercise can lead to children who are obese.

Secondly, children who are obese are at a greater risk for emotional problems. Overweight

children often feel as though they are outcasts and don’t have a sense of belonging. These children tend

to struggle with their self-esteem and are typically more emotional. Overweight kids are always

uncomfortable about their weight and the person they are or are becoming. This proposes issues with

the obese children not having a sense of belonging. A typical child or teenager has a lot of friends, obese

children do not. They are always struggling to fit in with their peers. “This can become much harder if

they are subjected to harassment and ridicule because of their weight.” (5th Paragraph, 4th sentence

from When children do not have a high self-esteem and sense of belonging, this can cause

anxiety and depression issues.
Lastly, and what I see as most important are the issues that arise in health when children are

obese. Excess weight increases the risk of medical problems, which can lead to long term health issues.

Children who are obese are a greater risk for high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. If

children struggle with any of the diseases, they are typically put on medication. These diseases are very

dangerous for anyone, but especially children. Children or teenagers cannot find enough time to

exercise or eat healthy; much less find time for medication. Once you have dealt with any or all of the

diseases, you have damaged your heart for a lifetime. We need a healthy heart and body to function on

a regular basis, and live a lifetime of happiness.

In conclusion, there are many causes of childhood obesity. “Obesity in children has more than

tripled in the past 30 years.” (1st fact, from CDC of America)Fast food and prepackaged food has made is

more convenient for busier families, and thus cause an unbalanced meal. Emotional issues are very

typical in overweight children; they are unaware of where they belong in the world. Obese children are

at a greater risk for health issues, which can lead to long term health problems. Obese children learn

their habits from their families, unhealthy habits continue into adulthood, which in return repeats the

cycle all over again.

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