Childhood Obesity

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Parents Taking Charge of Childhood Obesity
Dainelle Branton
English 122
Instructor: Joyce Walther
July 6, 2011

Parents Taking Charge of Childhood Obesity
The topic I have chosen to write about is Childhood Obesity, because the rate continues to increase in the United States. I feel as though if the core of the problem is addressed it will decreased the rate and improve our children’s way of living a healthy life style. Once the issue is controlled eating healthy will become natural and exercising without being told by a doctor due to a horrifying diagnosis. I plan to limit my search by focusing on the responsibility of the parents, which is vital in creating a healthy life style for their children. This could potentially destroy their children’s future which could lead to unhealthy habits. I also want to focus on the structure and organization within the household that leads to childhood obesity. In my final paper I plan to argue that childhood obesity is not created by food, it’s created by parents and their lack of responsibility to control what their children consumes. Parents are giving their kids this horrible disease and wanting the Doctor to give them a cure. As stated in an article “Physicians should counsel mothers early in pregnancy about weight gain, smoking, and nutrition.” Dolinsky, D (2011) What happens after that physician has counseled the parent’s and they still make the decision to create an unhealthy life style for their kids. I feel as though if the Doctor didn’t do what he is supposed to, parents would want to take them to court, however the Doctors nor can the state take the parents to court for feeding their child a horrible disease. America lives in a society where we want our problems to become someone else problem.

Dolinsky, D., Siegariz, A., Perrin, E., & Armstrong, S. (2011). Recognizing and preventing childhood obesity. Contemporary Pediatrics, 28(1), 32-42. Retrieved from EBSCOhost....
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