Childhood Obeisity

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Health Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: April 8, 2013

Obesity is a serious issue in today’s world and has been growing among our youth. “Over the last three decades, the percentage of U.S. children who are at risk for being overweight has doubled from fifteen percent in the 1970s to almost thirty percent today, and the percentage of children who are overweight has tripled.” (Santrock, pg 177 paragraph 1) Recently some people have been opening their eyes to this problem on our hands and opening their minds to come up with a solution. A handful of people unfortunately is not going to solve the issue and so more citizens need to join in the fight to end obesity. These children are out future and to ensure a secure future and continuation of the human race we need to support and encourage healthier lifestyles. What can we do as concerned citizens do to stop obesity in its tracks?

Research is showing that obese children have health and psychological problems such as pulmonary issues, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and low self-esteem. (Santrock, pg 178, p 2) A big part of obesity begins with the individual and their eating and exercise routines. The individuals with unhealthy habits will need support and encouragement from parents, peers, school, and communities to begin healthier ones. Along with these outside sources race/ethnicity has shown to have an effect on obesity. (Santrock, pg 178 p 1)

As a community there are changes we can make together such as what is served at community events and what type of events are being held. Snacks such as celery, apples, etc. should be provided in place of popcorn, chips, etc. Drinks like water and healthy juices should be replacing pops and high sugar beverages. The internet is a great place to begin looking for neat ideas for making healthy food look cute and appetizing. Some towns provide a ‘community garden’ accessible to all who participate in taking care of it and even other citizens who don’t, this would be a...
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