Childhood Memory Idea

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Smile Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 6, 2011
My childhood memory
Smiler is my great grandmother she is called smiler because she smiles no matter what happens, she smiles even when she is down when she is happy or even when she has mixed feelings but unfortunately she got diagnosed with cancer and alzimers and gradually started to lose her memory and started to fall ill, and she still kept her smile except when she took her falls teeth out, then she had a wrinkly false smile which made me laugh (she looked so funny) and she pulled faces which was hilarious. But unfortunately one day we had to call an ambulance because her breathing got affected by the cancer and she was struggling to breathe. So the ambulance took smiler to the caerphilly miner’s hospital and she got rushed onto a ward, we weren’t allowed to go in the room because the doctor was giving her an examination with the nurse. Then the doctor came out and told us she has about five month’s left to live my Nan, auntie and great grandfather was really upset because they were her daughters and husband, my Nan auntie and great grandfather visited her every day but on my last day of school just before Christmas and it was snowing but when I got home my mum said we have to go to the hospital to see mammo because she is getting really bad so me my mum and my sister went to the hospital and when we got there my Nan came out and told my mum that me and Shannon ( which is my sister )have to stay outside because the nurse wanted to talk to all the adults and my mum had to ring my uncle to tell him he has to come over from Ireland because he needs to be there. When my mum came out she was crying she said me and my sister can go in now. When we went in to the room all my family was crying and there on the bed was great grandmother she had an oxygen mask on and a breathing ventilator but by the time my uncle came to the hospital the nurse said the breathing ventilator was not working so after that my uncle stayed for about three more days and...
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