Childhood Is the Happiest Time

Topics: Time, Dependency, Depression Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: April 23, 2012
People have more responsibilities by getting too old. {This sounds awkward - try "People have more and more responsibilities as they get older"} They have to earn money for sustaining {ok, but "money to sustain their ..." sounds better} their lives. For this, they [must] have a job and they also have [a] more complex social environment. {I don't really understand the "more complex social environment"} For adults, all of these are neccessary elements which enable people to maintain their lives. Therefore, childhood which does not consist of[require] these obligations of [a] complex life[style] is certainly the happiest time of life.

Firstly, childhood is a flexible period when people do not have any materialistic worries and[or] various responsibilities such as having a job [or] getting married.Generally children spend their time by doing the wide range of activities they want and they do not worry about their future because all these responsibilities areconsidered[taken on] by their family instead of children. Therefore, childhood is [a] quite flexible and enjoyable period.

On the other hand, some people advocate that childhood is not the happiest time of people's life[lives] because childhood is a term[time in] which children completely depend on their families. They believe that children are dependent on their parents in social and economical life. {I would think everyone believes this is true} For [a] supporter of this view, these dependeces {spelling} on family cause children to tend to be unhappy, because they can not earn money and they can not have a say about their future. {I would add "I think" here} These claims carry no weight because children do not have any[much] experiences about[with] life, so social and economical dependence on parents is [a] quite normal process for children and it[thus] should not be seen as the source of unhappiness.

To sum up, childhood is one of the most enjoyable life periods for people. This process {I usually...
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