Childhood Analysis Fleur Adcock

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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d AnalaStructure:
Rhyme Scheme- AABB|CCDEED
* There is a change of rhyme scheme to highlight the realisation that old people do not choose to be old. The rhyme scheme goes from DEE but goes back to D to mirror how the poet wants her childhood back/mirrors how child-like adults are; cyclical * There is a rhyme scheme to imitate limericks and children’s rhymes. Again, yearning of childhood. Format

* Made up of 3 sentences to mimic a child. We sense the speaker is a child. * 10 lines altogether. Symbolic because the number 10 is what children can usually count up to and perhaps it is suggesting that the child is 10. Themes:

* The only other person mentioned are old people. Very unchildlike because “childhood” has connotations of friendship * People “going away” -> “beads had come unstrung” * The only belonging mentioned “my great-aunt Etty”. Strange because children are usually enraptured with toys and friends Deception-

* Connotations of the world childhood are happy which fools the audience into believing that the poem would be reminiscing the past but it is actually lamenting * Although adults have many rights, they are unable to stop themselves of being “helplessly old” Detachment-

* She doesn’t talk about her relationship with others or any other intimate relationship. She doesn’t talk about how close she and someone was which gives us a sense of loneliness and neglect * Portrays “grown up people” as a different entity from “I” Other:

* Shakespeare demonstrates the cyclical of life in his 7 stages of life. How you once again become a child as you grow old. The juxtaposition of “helplessly” young/old shows how similar the two ages are.

Personal Response:
Sense of yearning for a lost childhood because she was neglected as a child. Maybe she was thrown in the care of her grandparents who did not give her mum love and attention and her parents weren’t around often either...
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