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Unit 006 Contribute to the Support of Child and Young Person Development

Outcome 1:
2. Identify different observation methods and know why they are used. Additional Guidance: Different observation methods may include: Running records, Diary, Anecdotal, Time sampling, Event recording, Checklist, Narrative, Group, solo and 1-2-1 interaction, Observation with or without adults There are many different observation methods which can be used. When you notice something interesting the child is doing or saying, you can use the running record method to record what is happening at the time.Another observation methods is to keep a diary, you can use this to keep a record of what children have done.You can also use the anecdotel method were you record information that has been passed on to you either by a member of staff or parents themselves.|

4. Suggest ways the identified development needs of a child or young person can be met in the work setting. Additional Guidance: Ways the identified development needs of a child or young person can be met in the work, setting, Meet individual needs (personalised), Reflect children’s interests and views, Through play for children in early years, Provide challenge and Flexible plans Identified development needs of a child or young person can be met by Activities that children are interested in. Therefore activities should be interesting for the child and carers can build ideas for a activity from observations and also they can ask parents what the child likes to do.Another important way of meeting development needs is through play. Children can develop skills through play. So knowing the childrens interest can help set out play that they would enjoy and learn from.When setting out activities and play opportunities it is vital to keep them exciting and interesting because Children do...
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