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Topics: Second language, Language education, Education Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Hallie Snyder
Children Learn Foreign Languages
Teaching foreign languages in American elementary schools- should we or shouldn’t we? We should teach foreign languages for these reasons cultural diversity in America, language immersion, future of foreign language. The NAEYC's (National Association for the Education of Young Children) position statement acknowledges the challenges facing early childhood educators who may not be adequately trained to work with children whose home language is not English (“Linguistic and Cultural Diversity”). Though educators face this challenge they can overcome it by learning ways to help the children to learn English or another language. Children of a different culture and language find it difficult to learn when they are not understood. And so parents and educators must recognize that children actively attempt to understand their world through their own language and culture (“Linguistic and Cultural Diversity”). These children learn best when they gain the right skills in an eloquent context that they recognize. The educators need to distinguish what the children already know and that should be built on. Even though the educators may not be familiar with a child's language and culture, they have a responsibility to respect the child and family (“Linguistic and Cultural Diversity”). School programs, teachers, and families can work together to give more opportunity by being supportive, being actively involved in what the child is learning, and know that children can demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities in many ways. Some educators have found that Dual Immersion programs are helpful in the goal of teaching a child a second language. This program is basically a method of teaching the second language as means of instruction. Unlike more traditional language courses, where the target language is simply the subject material, language immersion uses the target language as a teaching tool, surrounding or...
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