Childcare Policies and Procedures

Topics: Injury, Accident, Physical trauma Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: May 28, 2012
Accident & Injuries Policy & Procedure

The safety of your child is paramount; therefore we aim to take every measure possible to enable us to protect your child from injuring his/herself. However accidents sometimes do happen. This being the case we have the following procedure in place of how we will deal with a situation when faced with it:

* We will comfort and reassure the child.
* We will then assess the extent of their injuries, and when necessary call for medical support/ambulance. * We will then carry out any first aid procedures that are necessary. * Once the child has settled, we will then contact you at the first possible time to inform you of the accident. If necessary, we may ask you to return to care for your child, or meet us at the hospital. * After every accident, however minor it may be, a report will be completed in the accident book. * You will also be asked to sign the report, and then we will provide you with a personal copy.

If an incident requires any medical treatment we will:

* Inform Ofsted. (Under the Early Years Foundation Stage, childcare providers must notify Ofsted and the local child protection agencies of any serious accident or injury, serious illness of, or the death of, any child whilst in their care, and act on any advice given. An early years providers who, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with this requirement, commits an offence.) * Inform our insurance company.

* Contact the NCMA for additional advice and support.

Please keep us informed of your child’s condition following an accident, and notify us if you seek medical advice.

If you have and questions regarding this procedure then please speak with us.

E. Parkin
Published April 2012
Review March 2013
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