Childcare Level 2

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2.4. Describe the action to be taken in response to emergency situations, including: -Fire
-Missing children or young people
All setting should have clear arrangements for emergency situations including emergency contact numbers, clear instructions and evacuation procedures. Every child must have a record card with emergency contact numbers of parents, grandparents or relatives. Fire

Make sure that you know where the fire exits are in your setting. Never put anything in the way of a fire exit. What to do –and not do –in the event of a fire in your setting: • Closed doors and windows and try to get the children out of the premises by the normal routes • Do not leave the children alone

• Do not stop to put out the fire (unless very small)
• Call the fire brigade as soon as possible
When calling the fire brigade you should fallow:
• Dial 999
• Give the operative your telephone number and ask for fire • Give the information clearly: for example nursery’s name, post cod, town name • Do not replace the receiver until the address has been has been repeated by the fire operator. Security incident

All setting must have measures to stop strange people having access to the children and young people. Many settings have an alarm that sounds when any door to outside are opened. Staff should know what to do if anyone tries to access to the setting. This include:

• Checking the identity of the person
• Insure they sign the visitor book
• Making sure they are not left alone with children unless they are authorised to do so • Don’t let anyone to enter the setting if you are unsure of • Contact the police if it is felt anyone is a serious danger to children Missing children

If the child is missing check all the areas of the setting and inform the manger or responsible person. If you suspect that a child is missing, raise the alarm immediately! Next action will depend on where the child is missing from, but...
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