Childcare Learning and Development

Topics: Learning, Developmental psychology, Color Pages: 12 (3910 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Unit 7 – P5,P6,M4 & D2

In this assignment I am going to plan and carry out two different learning activities and two play situations I will then explain how these activities value a child's learning and what the children learn from the activities. I will then evaluate these activities, I will include the strengths and weaknesses of the activities and I will refer to the theorists.


Activity Plan Title:
Octopus hand prints

Area of Development:
Intellectual development

Links to Early Years Foundation Stage:

Age Range:
1-3 years

Aims of activity related to children’s development:
For the children to learn about the names of colours and to be able to identify them effectively, I also aim for the children to be able to identify numbers and count their fingers which links with mathematical skills.

Steps of implementation from activity:
I will collect paints and the other equipment needed and put it on the table, I will ask one child at a time to get an apron on and come and sit at the table, I will then ask them to pick one colour which they would like to have their hand painted in I will ask them to say the names of the colours. I will then paint the child’s hand and ask them to print their hand onto the paper. The children then stuck eyes on to the hand print to make it look like an octopus.

Materials and equipment:
Variety of colour paints, pain pot, paintbrushes, card, baby wipes, an apron to protect their clothes, gloves encase any children are allergic to the paint, stick on eyes.

Health and Safety issues to be considered:
I will check that the children haven’t got any allergies to the paint or to the soap that is put in the water for them to wash their hands, all children must wear an apron when painting to protect their clothes, children that have eczema on their hands will be asked to wear gloves so they can still take part in the activity. I will make sure that I watch the children at all times around the paint and when they are washing their hands and will give support to do this so they are safe.

Identify any equal opportunities issues in groups of children: I will make sure all children get to have a turn of using the different colour paints and they can select their own colours to use. I will do this by letting one child at a turn use the one colour paint and paint brush so that all the children get a choice of what they want to use. I will look at the ways in which I can support the children throughout the activity to ensure that they understand what to do with the paint. I will do this by demonstrating to the children what to do before they start the activity this will ensure that all children are aware of what to do so they are all able to do the same. Children that have a visual impairment I will speak to them about the activity and what I would like them to do, I will help them to get the paint on the brush and guide it onto their hand so they can also do hand printing. Children with a hearing impairment I will demonstrate the activity to the child to show them what you want them to do, this gives all the children the chance of been able to join in on the activity.

Adaptation of equipment and activity for special needs:
I will make sure that all children will be able to reach the table and can get to it easily so that all children can carry out the activity. I will check with staff that there isn't anyone with visual or hearing impairments if so then I will demonstrate to the child what I want them to do or talk them through what I would like them to do.

Extension activity:
As an extension activity I will read the children a book about sea-life and the different animals that live under the sea. This will shows them what they eat and what they make their houses out of to keep safe from other animals. This will help to show the children how animals live in different environments and how they have to fend for themselves under the sea. This will help children...
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