Childcare Case Study

Topics: Childcare, Babysitting, Day care Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Case Study 1:

Kate needs to find a suitable care for her daughter Olivia. Kate’s day care centre does not operate extended hours. An alternative arrangement for Olivia would be to hire a Nanny. A Nanny can be employed by the family and can work on either a live-in or live-out basis to take care of Olivia. The advantages of hiring a Nanny are that the child will be getting a one-on one care and the care will be focused on her rather than a large amount of children. Another advantage of having a Nanny is that the child will stay in their home and that will be a familiar environment for the child which enables a sense of security for the child. A nanny would normally be a professional child carer and have the relevant qualifications. This is not for all situations though. An estimated fee for a Nanny would be between $14 - $35 per hour. Another option of care for Olivia could be a baby sitter. A babysitter wouldn’t normally need a qualification like a Nanny would. Babysitters can vary from the teenager down the street to a babysitter from an agency. You will find that a lot of babysitters will be studying whilst caring for children.

Case study 2:

Glen and Merryn need to find a suitable care for their daughter Sophie who is four years old. Sophie is currently enrolled in family day care but her parents are considering a change. An alternative to family day care could be long day care. Long day care is a more suitable option rather than prep or kindergarten. Long day care centres, also known as centre based care, can be located on their own grounds and are often in a busy situated place. Most long day care centres operating hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm but some centres operate longer days and also on weekends. All childcare workers should have a qualification of care. Having your child in a long day care centre will improve the child’s social ability as the child will be interacting with a various amount of other children.

Case study 3:

Sharon needs to...
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