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BTEC National Diploma in Children’s Care, Learning and Development

Unit 2

Positive Environments for Children’s Care, Learning and Development

Olivia Robinson

Legislation is the law, which is put into practice in the childcare environment to prevent certain things happening and to ensure that other things are carried out. A policy is a proposed or adopted principle or plan of action which is used to help carry out the legislation. A procedure is an official or established way that the policy is carried out. All of these terms are used to help keep the children and staff in a childcare environment safe, healthy and looked after.


Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 - Management of Health and Safetly at Work Regulations 1999.

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 is a legislation, meaning it is a group of laws that need to be carried out in the workplace to maintain a safe environment. It is a primary piece of Legislation for childcare to make sure that the children and staff are kept healthy and safe. The aim of the legislation is to protect people against risks and hazards in the work place connected with activities and equipment in the work place that may harm a person’s health. The legislation also controls the use of hazardous, highly flammable and explosive substances. This legislation links with the policy of Staff Training. Staff Training is vital in a childcare environment because it makes the staff aware of the health and safety that is needed to keep both children and staff safe. It gives the staff a chance to discuss issues related to their setting and gives them knowledge about any new policies or legislations that have been brought in recently. The staff need to be trained in many areas to do with health and safety, such as first aid. This is important because, for example, if an accident was to happen in the setting, someone who knows about first aid will have to be there to help out at the scene. The Health and Safety at Work legislation also links to the policy of the Signing in Book. This policy is important to the children and staffs safety because it shows who is entering the setting, the time of entering and exiting, why they are there and any other additional information necessary to peoples safety. By using a signing in book, the staff can know who is in the setting and be aware if any unwanted people may be there, helping the staff to get rid of them quickly. This protects the child because it makes sure that not just anyone can go into the setting and it keeps people they will not know away. Being able to do this is a big positive to the environment because it keeps the children in safe hands. However, a negative is that the people entering the setting could lie about who they are and it may not be noticed by staff if they are claiming to be someone they have never met before. E.g a father of a child who lives with just a mother. This could be very dangerous to the setting, therefore the child should not be left in the hands of people the staff are not familiar with. Finally, the health and Safety at Work legislation links in with the policy of CCTV Cameras at the entry of the setting. This links in with health and safety because it gives real life footage of who enters and exits the setting and with whom. For example, if a child was to get collected by someone the staff didn’t know, but they left it too late, they could look back over the footage and see whom it was taking the child. A downside of this is money, as buying and maintaing the CCTV camera and all the equipment needed with it could work out to be quite expensive for the setting.

Food Safety Act 1990 & Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995

The Food Safety Act of 1990 is a legislation regarding food safety and consumer protection. This law aims to make sure that food meets the consumer’s expectations and needs, including quality and presentation. In a childcare setting nothing...
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