Child Who Taught Me a Lesson on Life

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The Child Who Taught Me A Lesson on Life
Makayla was so full of life and enthusiasm. No matter how sick she was or how bad she felt that day, she was excited about being alive and looked forward to whatever that was ahead. I never could understand how she could think and act that way, but she did. In the process, this 8 year old taught me something that made perfect sense even today: No one day will never be like today. Everyday, I went to work and everyday I would see this little girl either walking or rolling herself around in her wheelchair, talking to people with this big grin on her face. She said that knowing that she made somebody’s day made hers. I had to talk to her and find out what was it that made her so happy. And this is her story. Makalya didn’t have a mother to lean on. She couldn’t handle the pressure of what was going on with her daughter so she abandoned her and never looked back. Staff always bought her things that a little girl would want to play with and she accepted these things with open arms and always let them know how much it meant to her that people cared so much about her. “I don’t need a whole lot of toys to enjoy myself” she said. “If I had a puddle to jump around in, I would be satisfied”. She just wanted a simple life like any other kid. I could look at her face and tell how she was feeling. It was written all over her face. She was happy. This little girl knew she was going to die. But, she viewed death as peace. When no one was around, she cried because she didn’t understand why she had to go through life alone being as young as she was. What did she do? She lived life anyway. To her in her own words, I can have a more rewarding and enjoyable life if you stop pushing it away. Remember, remind myself that there are some things in life that are free so enjoy the simple pleasures in life and always express how you feel. It makes it easy for others to talk to you.
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