Child Welfare and Safe Working Practices

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Assignment 005

Task D

i) Safe Working Practice

We seek to provide a safe and supportive environment, which secures the well-being and the very best outcomes for the children in our care.

It is our duty to ensure that children are safe and protected from harm whilst within our care and we have policies and procedures in place to promote safe working practices and a clear understanding of what to do if abuse is suspected or disclosed.

Our underpinning principles are that the welfare of the child is paramount. All children without exception have the right to protection from abuse regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs. We are responsible for our own actions and behaviour and should avoid any conduct, which would lead any reasonable person to question their motivation and intentions.

We have received current child protection training and we have been made aware of possible symptoms of children at risk and are aware of their responsibility to report concerns according to the Child Protection Procedures, a copy of which is kept on the premises. Concerns must be kept confidential to as few people who need to know.

We must work, and be seen to work in an open and transparent way and records are always to be made of any incident, and of decisions made and further actions agreed. The minded children and parents are informed of the policy and procedures as appropriate and all concerns, and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously by us and responded to appropriately - this may require a referral to children’s services and in emergencies, the Police. We also have a commitment to safe recruitment, selection and vetting to ensure the safety of all children within our care and there is a legal entitlement to obtain a CRB check.

iii) Child Protection Procedure...
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