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Child Trafficking

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MAY 8, 2011

Child trafficking is an extremely problem worldwide. It’s a subject that is incredibly delicate and should be treated carefully. Therefore, giving information and going in depth on such subject is something that the public doesn’t do or choose not to. Ignoring this issue damages even more our society and more children are in danger. A possible solution to this predicament is for government to provide free education, up to high school, in the countries that do not give this right. This solution can avoid many families be separated and even more the children wouldn’t be much at stake. Child trafficking is an inhuman act where children are being used unjustly as objects of business transaction. Boys and girls are involved but girls are mostly involved as victims. They are taken from their parents with deceitful words promising the child and the parent’s heaven and earth. Such as, she will be sent to school or that the trafficker has a business abroad where the child can work for a few months. Parents living in the villages are the easy targets because most of them are unable to afford both material and financial needs for their children. Such parents have no alternative than giving out their child to the individual pretending to be good. Child trafficking is a problem because it’s a modern-day form of slavery. These victims are subject to force, fraud, or coercion to engage in sex or involuntary labor. The children that are exposed to sex are at most danger to be trafficked. The government should pay close attention to this problem because any of these children can possibly be our next president, governor or mayor. There is absolutely no reason why these children have to go through this traumatic experience when the government can do a lot more for their safety. According to Child Victims of Human Trafficking, these children are often exploited for commercial sex, including...

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