Child Support System: The Unfair System

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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The child support system is unfair and too hard on the noncustodial parent, because of jail time, garnishment of paycheck, and work-release program, revoked driver license are very harsh tools . That doesn't does not help the children. Failure to obey a court order is called contempt of court . If noncustodial parent owes unpaid child support the custodial-parent can ask for a hearing before the judge asking that the noncustodial parent be held in contempt of court, the court can issue a warrant for the arrest of the noncustodial parent .Once arrested no fingerprinting, no mug shot, no Miranda warning , (the Miranda warning ) the police in United States gives this statement to criminal suspect that are in police custody, Noncustodial parent is not a criminal but the crime is no money . Jail time is up to a year. Child support garnishment , payments are taken directly from the noncustodial parent paycheck mandate by the court order and are typically request by the custodial parent 50% disposal income, Which means any income after taxes and other expenses are met. Work-release program is a facility that permits qualified nonviolent sentenced inmates to serve their sentence in a minimum security facility. Keep in mind that when the non-custodial is in custody the judge is the only one that can set the non-custodial parent free from day one to 365days also to encourage parents to pay child support driver license ,professional license; recreational license; and passport of the noncustodial parent are revoked , Past-due child support exceeding $5000 with the tools that child support use enforced the noncustodial parent to pay. With no job or money to give to child support office the custodial parent can have the noncustodial parent locked up for at least one year Once in the child support system the non-custodial parent has no rights to the children. If the non-custodial parent miss a payment do to lost job that is when the harsh tools come...
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