Child Support Is Not Enough

Topics: Divorce, Marriage, Parent Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Sandy Coleman
Composition and Language II
Instructor: Brian Szumsky
Child Support Is Not Enough
Thesis Statement: Some parents believe that paying child support each month and never visiting the child on a regular basis is enough. A child needs more than only a monthly child support check; they need parental love and moral support on a daily basis from the noncustodial parent just as much as from the custodial parent. Child support rules and guidelines vary from state to state. However, the overall coverage of child support expenses is very similar in each state. Child support payments are for the child’s basic needs like clothing, food, and shelter. The payments also cover medical expenses, education fees and supplies, extracurricular activities, and in some cases college expenses. Unfortunately, there is nowhere in the rules and guidelines that say child support payments should cover the emotional and parental moral involvement of the noncustodial parent. I have seen firsthand the disappointment a child feels when one parent is not a part of their lives. I was there when my nephew’s father would say he is coming over to pick him up to spend some time with him and don’t show. I remember the rejected look he would get and after just about every time his father would call with the same promise. That is just a small part I want to cover during this essay. The importance of family stability and involvement in a child’s life is extremely crucial will be the focus of this essay. As a child, they don’t understand all the talk about monthly payments and child support because that is between the parents. The child only recognizes that one parent isn’t in the home every day and the other is. They want to spend as much time with BOTH parents. When the noncustodial parent doesn’t open that door, then the child feels something is missing. I want to address some of the psychological thoughts that go through the child’s mind and how they feel they should...
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