Child Support

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Child Support

Anyone could argue about child support, but who has to pay is determined by a judge in court. What I don't understand about why some women file for it, like the ones' who has all these kids and don't have a job or don't want a job, but wants money. Women who don't have jobs, but has their hair and nails done, and talk about their kids needs clothes and diapers. Women who don't want the father to take full responsibility for their child or children, but will let them get their child or children if they give them some money when they get their checks cashed. I feel that if a child's father is doing his part as a father why put them on child support. If the father offers to take care of the child or children until the mother gets back on her feet, but doesn't want the father to do that. I don't understand that. Me personally, I feel that if the father is trying to do his part let him. Don't knock him down for trying to be a father, just because you want to be greedy. For the women who does everything by their selves without the help of the father then by all means file for child support? Don't do it because it’s easy money. That just pushes the father away to not even want to be there at all. Some fathers don't get enough credit for actually being there for their children. I feel that some women make it hard on a good man who wants to be there for their children. Now you got some men out there that take care of their children who don't get any help for the mother of the child.
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