Child Support

Topics: Divorce, Marriage, Child custody Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Brad Kowalski
January 2, 2013
English 11
Period 7

Whats wrong with Child Support?

When two human beings fall in love, their first thoughts are to spend the rest of their lives with each other. That leads to marriage and conclusion of having a child(s). However time passes and things change, so what ends up happening is a divorce. A divorce is the serperation of two individuals who were previously in love. Once divorced, if the man and woman birthed a child, one of them must get custody. Test show that in the case of a divorce, 82.6% of mothers get custody of the child(s) and a small 17.4% of the fathers get it. Whoever the non-custodial parent is must pay something called Child Support. So, what is child support? Child support is a monthly court-ordered payment to support every day need of the child(s). These “needs” include Food, Shelter, and Clothing for example. So as you can see child support is very important. Only problem its not being spent and dealt with the wrong way..

There have been many issues regarding Child Support all over the world. For example some mothers aren’t receiving payment from the other parent to help with the childrens everyday issues and needs, which isn’t fair to the them. Tests show that $106 billion dollars is owed to custodial parents nationwide and only 7% of that money actually gets collected. In other cases, Fathers are complaining money has not been spent the right way. In other words its not being spent on the kids and is being wasted. No matter the case it’s not fair, weather it’s the mothers fault, or the fathers. These are common problems all across the world though and it needs to be stopped.

As many cases as there are for for this issue, the number is multiplying with everyday that passes. The cases are getting weirder and weirder as well. For example A Kansas man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple so they could have a child said on Wednesday he is shocked the state is now...
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