Child Study Visit 1

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Visit| Month| Pies| Links to the task|
1(Making chocolate buns)| October| I,E| |
2(Nature Walk - collect natural materials to make a collage)| November| I,E| | 3(Obstacle Course)| December| P,I| |
4(Parks Playground)| January| P,S| |

Age: 2 years, 10 months
Location: My House
Length: 1 hour and a half
Who was present?: Myself and Ellis

Aims: In this visit I am going to make some small and big chocolate buns with Ellis. I think this will help his physical development, especially his sensory development as well as helping understand that you need patience. I think this will help him understand the difference between big and small buns and I will see if he can tell the difference. I will also look out for when he is giving the buns out to people after we have made them. I will see if he asks if they want a big or small one. Research: I have chosen to do baking because when I did my first visit Ellis was independent and I would like to see if baking shows this more. He also usually shows things through speech and I would like to see if he would take a different approach when baking. He was a very playful child and I would like to see if he messes around whilst we bake. He usually throws tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants so I would like to see if I can change this or maybe see if he still does this now he is older. Ellis was very easy to get along with so I chose baking as it involves team work so this might show his easy to get along with side. Also in the first visit I found out that if you asked him not to do something he wouldn’t listen he’d just go ahead and do it. I would like to see if he does this still or maybe see if I can find a way around this. I found out through secondary research that when making a child may start to learn measurements, for example – how much chocolate must go into the buns. I also found that baking can help patience, for example Ellis is impatient so baking will help...
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