Child Study

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  • Published: October 28, 2010
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Table of contents
Letter of permission
What is a child study
Why I am doing this child study
What an observation is
Important factors to consider when carrying out a child study
Five areas of child development P.I.L.E.S
Types of observations I used.
Were the study took place.
Child profile/description of the child.
Child observation 1 – Physical narrative
Child observation2 – language Flow chart
Child observation 3- cognitive- Narritive.
Child Observation 4 social -check list.
Observation 5 language.
Overall Evaluation


My aim is to do five observations on my nephew k to see what stage in the development are of P.I.L.E.S he is at.I will talk about the different types of observations that I will use on k.


Before I start my observations I will make sure I have a child in mind to do the observations on. Then I will get a letter of permission from the childs parent that I will do my observations on.I have choosen to do my observations on my nephew k as I know him well enough but I want to get to know him a little bit more on his his development needs. I wil talk about the settings were I will be dong the observations and I will talk about k before the observations.I will explain what I know about the five different observation methods.

What Is a Child Study

A child study Is several observations carried out on the same child over a period of time.By examining the different areas of development P.I.L.E.S. There are several observation methods used while doing observations such as Narrative,flow chart, time sample,check list,event sample.A child study takes time to do at different times and situations. Here is why we use a child study:

* To create a detailed picture of an particular time and situation

* To indentify a childs strengths and abililties and needs for the purpose of supporting him/her to there full potential. This Is done through a series of different observation methods over a period of time usually a week.

What Is an Observation

Observations is the professional work done by a qualified person In a childhood setting.Observations is the main key to finding out about a childs development area such as play and behaviour , physical, interlectual , language , emotional and social development.The reasons observation are carried out is the give the child that is been observed the best needs he/she will need for the future.There is a wide range of observation methods that can be used to observe children.Observing children Is a professional way for any one working with children to improve their quality of work with children.Watching and listening listen to children is the main most important routine done in the early childhood setting the reason we have to do this is to ensure :

* Their safety
* Their health
* Their needs
* It can be interest to see how they learn and develope and how they socialise * To understand their behaviour
* To report back to their parents at the end of the sessions to let them know how they are coping and learning and getting on with the friends. * To make provision for play.
* To keep ourselves informed in a general way about the childs developmental progress.

How ever there is a difference between watching and listening in an informal way then observing children in an formal way.As some child care setting s childcare worker could be so busy in the day to day routine adults can be so envolved in environment it can be very difficult to take in what the children are doing. If we do not learn how to observe and take in observations the right way we will have very little memory of how to interact a childs needs such as are they at the right age for development ,...
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