Child Study

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Child Study

Child Study

Center: Lutheran Family Mission
Reporter: Jacqueline L. Montgomery, Student
Date: December 1997
Child’s Age: 6 yrs. 2 months

JB is the oldest of three children (a 9 month old sister and a 3 year old brother). JB talks about his younger sister all the time. JB lives with both his parents, who are not married but are together. JB has a Grandma who lives a couple of blocks away from him, and he goes there every Wednesday after school. He enjoys wrestling (especially with his dad) and he also loves to play video games with his dad.

JB is a very independent child, and will only ask for help when he is completely stuck. He gets along very well with pretty much all of his other classmates. He shows many appropriate actions towards others-in helping, sharing, respect, and affection (AR, 10-07, 10-23). In all of the circle time that I have observed he has sat quietly in the circle, not touching anyone, and listens to the teacher. The most significant social aspect of JB, I believe, is his kindness towards others. He expresses himself so much in his facial expressions (AR, 10-07; AR, 11-13; AR, 11-14). He demonstrates a sense of guardianship towards his friends and towards his siblings (AR, 11-13).

JB is a very active little 6 years old. During gym he is running non-stop, and only stops running around when he is told to. He struggles a little in balancing on his left foot (AR, 10-16- ). He enjoys experimenting with how his body can move by jumping, running, kicking, rolling over, and sometimes falling, and he appears to be fairly flexible (AR, 10-23-08).

He is always working with his hands, whether it is in writing, coloring, playing with toys, using scissors, gluing, cleaning up, or eating (AR, 10-07, 10-16, 12-02).

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