Child Soldiers

Topics: Slavery, Lord's Resistance Army, Democratic Republic of the Congo Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Yuta Tsujioka
ANT 379
Issue Project: Child Soldiers
Child Soldiers in Africa
“Child Soldiers” mean under-18 years old children involved in troops as soldiers, especially those mobilized by force. Some people call them “Child sacrifice,” but it does not mean the ones of religious purpose. This issue has been going on all over the world, even though it was more used in war time, but it still particularly remains some parts of Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia. Among these areas of the world, Africa has largest number of child soldiers used in conflict in Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and Sudan.

The reason why children are chosen to be soldiers is that they are easy to brainwash. And also they do not really need much of food, wages and that they do not know sense of danger. So they can be easily to be sent to fire lines. Sadly, some are sent to first wave to draw the enemy’s fire. In addition, in those conflict countries, young age people consist large part of population, thus, there are constant supply of soldiers. Some children are kidnapped from their home and force to be soldiers, the other children are volunteered by their poor parents due to poverty. Some villages are forced to provide certain amount of child soldiers in order to protect themselves rather than being attacked. There are estimated 250,000 child soldiers on the world today, including girls 40% of the number often used as sex slaves of male combats. Besides sax slaves, the children are used not only combats, but porters, cooks, and spies. (War Child)

In Africa, there are many number of conflicts involving thousands of children as soldiers. These are featured civil conflicts in extreme poverty, starvation. Children are impressionable to join regular and irregular armed group of any capacity. In Chad, child soldier has been used extensively by armed forces and non-state armed groups. From 2006, many children were recruited to the...
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