Child Soldier Essay

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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How would you feel if you child was forcibly abducted from your home to be a soldier, and all you got in return was about $5? This is one of the biggest fears for families in third world countries. Children are being used for soldiers, servants, and slaves against their will. Major place in which this takes place is Uganda, Congo, Central African Republic, and Sudan. There are hundreds of kids being abducted and killed. As of March 26, 2012 there are 1068 civilian deaths and 2328 abductions. Child soldiers have become a highly debated issue very recently, with the rising popularity of Joseph Kony. Child slavery is unfortunately accepted usually because of the economic need of families to survive in poverty. Poverty is a very common thing in these countries. According to the Invisible Children organization (I.C), the majority of children being used as soldiers are voluntary. The children are voluntarily joining because they have no money and this is the best choice for there families. Children get barley any food or water when soldiers, but it’s better than nothing, which they get at their homes. (I.C) When soldiers, they get just enough food to survive, when at home there is no telling if they have enough food survive or not. The kids aren’t the only ones voluntarily giving them away. The families of the children sell them to become soldiers also. (I.C) The money they get form selling their children is not much at all. But it is better for the families in their eyes. There may be some acceptance for this, but there is also much negative outcome. A child becoming a child soldier can be a devastating event, which can scare them for life. This can also be a very sad time for their families. Again according to Invisible Children, many of the kids captured are the main providers in their households. Many teens are captured for soldiers. And around that time is when they start becoming an adult and providing for their growing older parents. This means...
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