Child Safety Issues

Topics: Child sexual abuse, Rape, Child abduction Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Children seem to lack the skills to protect themselves from the danger in our community. Abductions, rapes, molestation, exploitation and kidnapping are among the major crimes in our community that can result from the lack of child supervision. 50% of children are abducted from parks, the street, a wooded area, or in a vehicle where the child was unsupervised. Many parents do not teach their children that they can be assertive in order to protect themselves against abduction and exploitations, or the safety and protection measures. Parents are not paying enough attention to their children, who they hang around and where they are at all times. Parents in the community let their children who are as young as seven years old wander the neighborhood alone at anytime of the day with no clue exactly where they are or will be. This makes the child an easy target for pedophiles because they are alone and naive. This issue could be improved if parents took the steps into a safety plan for the child. Such as if the child goes outside it is best to go out with them and monitor them, if the child is older you meet the people they are hanging with and exactly where they will be. Also, teach your child the “buddy system” that way they will not be alone when they are somewhere, and to never leave them alone in a car. If parents were more involved in the safety of their children there would be less child abductions. Teaching your child the safety rules always tell an adult where you are going, say no to any stranger and if you feel threatened, and no matter what someone did or said to tell you or any adult can prevent rape, molestation, exploitation and abduction. Safety for the children is a major issue in our community that can be fixed if parents involve themselves more. Word count:331

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