Child Rearing Practices

Topics: Psychology, Parenting, Family Pages: 4 (1359 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Parenting Practices that Help Promote the Development of Positive Social Behavior Among Preschool Children within the Family.
MA Psychology (May 2010)
Department of Psychology

This research used data from fifteen 2-parent families residing in a community located in Dalandanan, Valenzuela City, with at least two children and one of whom is between the ages 3 to 6 years. Seven of these families are dual-earner and the remaining eight are single-earner with only husbands as breadwinners. The research locale is an urbanizing area that is transitioning from agricultural to industrial source of livelihood. The particular focus of this research include (1) to identify the behaviors which parents define as prosocial, (2) to explore the parents’ perceptions about their roles, influences, and parenting practices in teaching social behavior to their preschool children, (3) to discuss socialization patterns within the family that help promote the development of positive social behavior among preschool children, and (4) to determine ideas, opinions, and feelings of the preschool children in the manner by which they are being disciplined and taught positive social behaviors. The research utilized a classical mini ethnographic approach which allowed for a 6-month home visit. Finally, face-to-face interviews were also conducted with the parents of those families.

The findings of the research suggest that the local concept that is best related to prosocial behavior is “mabuting asal” which is also an umbrella term that covers not only prosocial attitudes, but also other positive social behaviors such as having love of God, having integrity, being responsible, and studying well. The parents also believe that children are naturally naïve, passive, and forgetful, thus their primary role in developing prosocial behavior to their children is to teach them proper rules of behavior, to model to their young ones what proper behaviors are, and to...
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