Child Pysical Developement

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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There are two different types of physical development, where the body increases skills and development: Gross Motor Skills- Where the body uses large muscles for skills Fine Motor Skills- where we use smaller body muscles for skills i.e. Hands and fingers Here are examples of development for different years of a child’s, child life.

0-6 months old.

GROSS- Lifting head
GROSS- Pushing up
GROSS- Crawling

FINE- Point with index finger
FINE- Grab to hold a finger or a rattle
FINE- Pass items from hand to hand

From 0-6 months you can observe many changes in there development. Most parts of a baby’s body are still very immature at 0-6 months. Babies grow faster in their first 6 months than at any other time in their lives.

Babies begin to develop muscles in their neck by about 2 months and start to lift their head and their head movements, they naturally exercise these muscles when lying on their stomachs. They begin baby push-ups at around 4 months, they use there arm muscles to push up there shoulders and then use their neck muscles to turn their head.

Babies at 3 months can hold themselves up in a sitting position when lightly supported and then by 6 moths can roll over on their own. From birth babies start to point and grab fingers. Little ones begin reaching and grabbing objects that may be dangling in front of them. They can hold and shake a rattle and even start to put items into their mouths. By 6 months they can switch items hand to hand, and can hold their own bottle.

From 0 months you can see many changes. A child from not being able to lift their head, you can observe a child lifting their head, sitting up to even crawling by 6 months. Also a child cannot even hold anything from birth, so you can observe a child firstly holding fingers, pointing to things and holding items by 6 months old. 6-9 months old

GROSS- Crawling
GROSS- Sitting up
GROSS- Standing for a few seconds

FINE- Reaching and holding toys
FINE- Banging and...