Child Protection

Topics: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Herbert Laming, Baron Laming Pages: 8 (2833 words) Published: October 10, 2012
This report distinguishes and compares one main child abuse case post 2005 with two pre 2004 cases. In the analysis of the three cases, commonalities and distinguishing factors will be examined and critically discussed, thereby demonstrating clear and sound understanding of child abuse. Recent theory on child abuse and relevant models of such abuse and their ramifications and effect on the Early Years Setting, where I am currently employed will be one of the main focus points of this paper.

The main case that I have chosen to investigate is that of Peter Connelly, commonly known as Baby P. The Telegraph (2009) states “Tracey Connelly, alongside her boyfriend Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen, were jailed for causing or allowing the death of her 17-month-old son Peter in August 2007.”

The Guardian (2009) identifies the sequence of events in Peter’s short life. On March 1st 2006 Peter is born, on 17th July Peter’s father leaves home in Haringey. By December Connelly’s new boyfriend, Barker moves in to the home. On 11th December Connelly and her mother are arrested after a GP spots that Peter has a head injury and other bruises. Soon after, Peter is placed on the Haringey child protection register for physical abuse and neglect. Peter is cared for by a family friend, however on 26th January Peter is returned to his mother, even though she is still on police bail. By 9th April Connelly takes him to North Middlesex hospital. Staff identify bruises and scratches on him. Three months later, social worker Maria Ward informs the police of bruising on Peter's face during an unannounced visit. Staff at North Middlesex hospital find twelve areas of bruising. Social services arrange for a family friend to supervise the baby's care. Within one month at a legal planning meeting it is decided that the case did not meet the threshold for care proceedings. By the end of July Ward makes her last visit to see Peter. He has chocolate smears over his face and hands, and anti-bacterial cream on his scalp. It was later found out these were to cover up injuries that Peter had. A couple of days later, Peter is taken to St Anne's hospital. Dr Sabah al-Zayyat notes bruises to his body and face but does not perform a full examination because he is "miserable and cranky". One month later on 3rd August police tell Connelly that she will not be prosecuted in relation to Peter's injuries. The next day Peter dies.

The two previous cases that I have chosen to research are Victoria Climbie and Jasmine Beckford. I would also like to use the Vanessa George case to make some links to. A summary of the Victoria Climbie inquiry report is as follows: Victoria was born in the Ivory Coast and aged six travelled with her great Aunt, Maria-Therese Kouao to live in France and receive a sound education. Victoria enrolled in school in France for five months but her attendance was erratic and she displayed signs of being unwell and tired. The school issued a Child at Risk Emergency Notification. Kouao took Victoria to London and applied for housing through Ealing Homeless Persons Unit. Kouao made contact with a relative Ms Ackah who contacted Social services about Victoria. Kouao started a relationship with a bus driver Mr Manning and also found a child minder, Mrs Cameron to look after Victoria. Cameron and Ackah noticed marks on Victoria. On 13 July 1999 Kouao asked Cameron to keep Victoria permanently, however this was not possible. Victoria had cuts and bruises on her face and Cameron’s daughter took Victoria to Central Middlesex hospital. Victoria was examined and the findings were that many injuries were non-accidental. Social services and the police were involved. The next morning Kouao removed Victoria from hospital, and collected her things from Cameron. A week later Victoria was admitted to North Middlesex hospital with severe facial...
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