Child Poverty in Na

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Child Poverty in North America|
Health, Academics, and Happiness|
John Lescano|

HHS4M – Ms. Hadida|

Child Poverty in North America

Poverty is a world-wide problem that continues to affect more than half of the world’s countries. This research paper will examine how children of North America who are dealing with poverty are affected by it, and it will examine how they are impacted both mentally and physically. First it will examine them physically, which will be done through examining the children’s health and nutrition. It will then examine the children mentally, specifically through their academics and performance in school. By examining these two sub-topics first, it will allow us to examine their quality of life because overall happiness in North America is heavily connected with both health and school. By the end of this research paper, the answer to the question “To what degree does poverty impact children?” will be clear, and from here we can understand how people who come from this background function.

The first sub-topic to be analyzed is the physical well-being of these poor children which will be done through examining their physical health and nutrition. According to Watson (2010), the average child living under poverty is physically unhealthier than the average child from any other social class. Food is not the only factor causing this difference, although it is one of the bigger ones. Healthier foods cost more money, which forces people without it to resort to less nutritious food. Although in other parts of the world lack of food is the result of poverty, in North America the result of poverty is too much unhealthy food. Watson’s research shows that child obesity is a common problematic outcome of poverty and this causes health problems in the future for these children, which most cannot treat due to their financial situation. According to Berrick (1995), less money means worse environmental conditions, less...
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