Child Pornography : Canada vs. Japan

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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Child Pornography : Canada vs. Japan

"We think that child pornography, in any form, promotes values and sends the message that it is OK to sexually abuse children. It helps paedophiles to justify their ideas or behaviour and it desensitizes society as a whole." ( 1995. John Carr, a United Kingdom government adviser. ) The classification of sexual exploration , the governments laws, and landmark cases all play a part in how the people perceive child pornography.

 "Japan is one of the world's biggest suppliers of child pornography and the second biggest consumer after the U.S." (Justin McCurry, Japan to Outlaw Possession of Child Porn, GUARDIAN, Mar. 10,2008) In Japan they have a very lose definition of child pornography where as in Canada it is firm and unbending. There are many different types of sexual exploitation in Japan involving minors, some are considered illegal and wrong but most comply with the country’s laws. Adult anime or Hentai is one of the most popular forms of pornography in Japan. It is in a cartoon format and can therefore show graphic sexual activities without being subject to the same laws as live films. They feature mainly young school girls or boys and are not considered child porn. Since it is not classified as illegal anime pushes many boundaries that movies could not. Hentai commonly involves rape(Goukan Purei "Rape play") , bondage( Broken Dolls), and Lolicon with involves sexual encounters with prepubescent  girls. There are video games based on these fantasies called  "bishōjo games"  or “ pretty girl games”. Many Asian cultures have an obsession with child like women. Women show in all media are small and frail, helpless and have very high voices.  This shows a value message in Japan, that women are meant to seem young and child like and innocent . In Canada there is a rigid definition of pornography written in the Code. It includes all material computer generated or actors. It can be defined depicting or promoting...
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