Child Pornography

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  • Published: July 15, 2011
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Child Pornography
Ronda Harris
CJ 3318: Sex Crimes
Professor Mike Cannon
March 21, 2011

Child pornography is not solely a question of morality or artistic taste or political ideas. The primary concern is not how to protect the community from exposure to sexually explicit materials; rather the concern was how to protect innocent children from sexual abuse. A pedophile uses child pornography to convince him or her that their conduct or obsession is normal lower a child’s inhibitions and assist the seduction of a child, as blackmail for a child to prevent the child from revealing abuse. The Internet makes child pornography more accessible and validates pedophiles’ behavior in their minds.

What is child pornography? According to S.T. Holmes (2009) and R.M. Holmes (2009), child pornography is the use of underage children in various media for the purpose of sexual arousal of the viewer. Clearly, child pornography (sometimes called child porn or kiddie porn) has, as its primary function, some element of sexual arousal or fantasy. Child pornography is a picture of a child being in some sense sexually abused. Child pornography consists of photographs, videotapes, magazines, books, and films that depict children in sex acts, all of which are illegal. Jenkins (2001) found that sexually precocious young girls were portrayed in popular films such as Taxi Driver, Alice’s Restaurant, Night Moves, and Pretty Baby. Some magazines, such as Children-Love, Lolita, Lollitots, Nudist Moppets, and Bambina-Sex (Jenkins, 2001). Child pornography raises issues about the nature of adult sexual interest in children, sexual assaults on children, and sexual fantasy about children. The range of people involved in child pornography offenses seems to cross boundaries of class, income and profession. Pedophiles are not always adult males; women are also involved. Child pornography, we learned, were and are a massive industry in itself that...
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