Child Offenders

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Child Offenders

December 12, 2011
Jerry Kilgo

Child Offenders
With juveniles crime becoming more and more common these days, it is hard to come to an understanding that children can commit crimes just like an adult. Even with that sweet innocent child mind. We tend to forget that they are still human and are raised by these individuals who are committing the same crimes or being watched on television and want to reenact it, since it looks fun. Though, the children do not understand that in most cases the law wins. Even with Juvenile arrests climbing over the years, we still have a soft spot for the juvenile offenders, seeking less harsh punishments and upsetting jail time that in some peoples mind no child should endure. In Madison, Wisconsin juvenile arrests have decreased significantly over the last 9 years. Murder arrests showed the largest percentage drop, falling 71 percent from 78 arrests in 1997 to 23 in 2006, according to the newspaper's review (DeLong, 2008). These laws are mandated b the FBI to have each state police jurisdiction turn in arrest reporting annually. Over that span of 9 years every crime that was previous has decreased. Speculations are to as if the police officers are turning in accurate reporting’s or not reporting other offenses that they should be. The drop in juvenile arrests in Wisconsin mirrors a drop in crime nationally starting in the mid-1990s, according to Ken Streit, who studies juvenile crime issues as a clinical associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School (DeLong, 2008). From the Early 1990’s there was a steady but significant increase in juvenile arrests for drug possession and use, the intent to sell and other charges associated with drugs where it reached its peak in 1997 (See DOJ NCV survey, 2007). The juvenile arrests are not as steady as some would seem, they tend to be up and down depend on certain aspects of the trade and area they live. Rates go down and rates go...
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