Child Observation, Early Years/Childcare

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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Name: SamChild’s age: 4:4

Date of observation: 13.10.2011Time: Start:10.18End: 10.22

Where child observed: In the garden; in the ‘shop‘ areaObserver: S.A

Purpose of observation: to encourage role play

Resources:crayons, paper and chalkType of observation: narrative

Observation: Sam and child T are playing in the garden in the ‘shop’. Child T is holding some crayons and Sam has some chalk and crayons. ‘what are you doing Sam?’ asks the adult. ‘I am counting the monies’ says Sam. ‘Where did you get the money from?’ asks the adult, ‘from ****’ (child T). ‘That’s fifty pounds please’ says Sam and child T gives her another crayon. Sam then gives child T some chalk. Child T starts drawing on some paper that she had, Sam then joins her with the colouring, using the crayons that child T gave her. They are both drawing on the paper that they had. They do so for about thirty seconds and then 'Im drawing a line' says child T 'I'm doing a wiggly line' says Sam. 'You guys are doing really well' says the adult. They draw for about another 30 seconds then Sam looks at the adult then at a bicycle nearby and runs towards it and starts to play with that.

Links to EYFS: Disposition and attitudes; ‘display high levels of involvement in activities’, ‘persist for extended periods of time’
Making relationships; ‘form good relationships with adults and peers’
‘taking turns’

Evaluation: The children both seemed to enjoy the activity as they seemed to be engaged and focused. It may be worth investing in some play money to make the situation more life-like for the children although they seemed happy to be using their imagination by using chalk and crayons for money! Also, Sam looked at the adult then went to play elsewhere. She may have simply gotten bored so more questions could have been asked about the activity to try and hold her attention.

Next steps: Use items from the ‘home corner’ to stretch their...
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