Child Observation Assessment

Topics: Black hair, Dora the Explorer, Sitting Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Child Observation Assessment #2
Part One: Observation
Date of Observation: 20th April 2003
Fictitious Name of Child: H-Hayden
Identity Key: M-Mom
Setting: Child’s Home
Child’s Age: 2 years months
Physical Description of Child: Hayden is 2 years old and weighs a little over 32 pounds and is 3 feet and 3 inches tall. Hayden has dark black pupils and is of Spanish descent. H is light skinned and has jet black hair. H has already grown a couple of baby teeth as her molars are present. H

Time Observed: 3:45 to 4:00 AM or PM
Behavior Observed: H is sitting in front of the television watching a TV show for children which she seems to be very interested in. The name of the show was “Dora the explorer”. H’s mom calls on her to come and eat but H replies “No”, so her mom decides to give her a little more time to finish the show that she is watching. H occasionally takes her eyes of the TV to point to M what characters in the show are doing. M responds to H with a smile on her face and H gets very excited and smiles back at M. H turns back to the TV and focuses solely on the TV show.

Time Observed: 4:00 to 4:15 AM or PM
Behavior Observed: After the TV show is done, H gets up from her sitting position in front of the TV, balancing first on her right leg then slowly getting on both feet. H goes to the kitchen to meet M who already has a bowl of spaghetti ready for H. H sits on her high chair and begins to eat her meal. She begins to pick her spaghetti with her fork using her right hand and after a while gets bored and begins to eat the spaghetti with her fingers picking them one by one. She does this for a while and gets bored again. She calls to M and says “I’m full”. M persuades her to eat a little more and then she can leave but she shakes her head and folds her arm indicating she does not want to eat. M tells...
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