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Child Observation

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In Class Child Observation

The children observed were all 2 years old. 2 males, JD and Landon and 1 female named Kaley.

JD entered the class after the other children had already arrived. JD sat at a desk and colored alone. Kaley ran from the toys to her mother, in a repetitive manner. Landon played with the toys on the floor. Landon found a musical toy and is moving his body in a rhythmic motion to the music.

Kaley and Landon begin to play with cars together.

A fellow observer introduces a bucket of bubbles with 3 wands, colored green, purple and pink. Kaley and Landon blow bubbles together. No bubbles were coming out of Kaley’s wand, so she blew with more force.

Kaley takes the bubble wand to her mother. Kaley brought her wand back, dipped it in the bubble bucket and flung it out. In response, she squealed.

JD is putting his crayons away in the box. JD begins to make a noise and gives the crayon box back to his mom. She takes the crayons out and JD stops making the noise. JD goes to where the bubbles are.

Kaley’s mom goes to the restroom. Kaley looks toward the door then around the room and says “Momma”. Others tell Kaley that her mother is in the restroom. Kaley begins to play again.

JD gets the purple bubble wand. Kaley comes over to JD and tries to take it away from him. JD begins to make sounds of being upset and so does Kaley. Observers redirect both children.

Landon begins to put all of the cars in a carrying case. Kaley joins him in doing this. JD is playing with the bubbles with his mother and a fellow observer.

During this observation, both boys seemed to have the “slow-to-warm” temperament, while the girl was more extroverted. Her speech development was advanced, while the boys didn’t speak very much. The boys didn’t initiate interaction with each other or Kaley, while Kaley did initiate interaction. JD indulged in more solitary play while he colored and also observed what was going on in the room. Kaley and...

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