Child Observation

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  • Published: December 5, 2011
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Child Observation and Commentary

Course Title: Developmental Disabilities in Adolescence
Course Code: ADPS-841
Instructor: C. Jama Adams (PhD)
Eyob Ayenew
Id No: GSR/1024/2002

Applied Developmental Psychology
Institute of Psychology
Addis Ababa University

July 2011
Part 1: Background Information
I observed a 35 months old female child. She is the first and the only child for her parents. Parents were come from Amhara region (Region-3) around Lalibela four years ago to Addis Ababa. They are not educated though they can write and read a little bit. They were living in remote rural area and they could not attend their education. The father is 29 years old and he is a daily laborer. He earns an average of 50 birr per day except the missing days, which he might not get a job. The mother is 23 years old women and she used to work in different homes as a cooker of food staffs. However, after she got birth, she started to live as a homemaker and look after her child. They rent a small room, which has only one class at the back of my house. They paid 200 Ethiopian birr per month. It is around 6 meter square and not comfortable to live as a family in this class and the child sleeps with her parents. Their income is insufficient which only depends up on the daily income of the father and they do not have the ability to pay more for a house to get better shelter. In such family getting adequate food staff and balanced diet is challenging. Consequently, the child mostly eats what is prepared for adults. They could not afford...
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