Child Observation

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  • Published : March 3, 2011
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Brief Description of Child: Child 'A' is a girl of 3 year and 11months. She is wearing a jumper, trousers and boots. Context: Child 'A' was observed on ____ at 1:00pm. She was indoors playing in the sand pit with 3 other children, socks and spoons to play with. Also she went to play outside with another child, running around.

Child 'A' is playing indoors in the sand pit with 3 other children. She is using a spoon to fill up a sock. She is holding the spoon in her right hand and the sock in her left hand. She is carefully putting the sand into the sock. She is also interacting with the other children -'My sock is nearly full to top.' This level of play would be referred to as co-operative, because child 'A' is playing and interacting in the same play theme with the other children.

At the writing table by herself. She is drawing a picture of her 'mummy and daddy' with a blue felt tip pen. She has made two irregular circles and made straight lines for hair in the same color. This level of play would be referred to as solo, as child is playing by herself. The type of play observed here is creative play.

Child 'A' is at the playdough table playing with other children. She is making cakes for everyone at the table, using baking tray and cutters. She carefully puts the 'circle cakes' into the tray. Again this type of play would be creative play, and the level o play would be collaborative play.

She is now playing outside by herself on the climbing frame. Wearing her jacket. She is waiting for her turn to down the slide. This level of play would be solitary because child 'A' is playing by herself.

She is own sitting on the writing table by herself. Drawing a picture of a spider 'It's a BIG spider' she tells me doing actions with her hand to show that it is a big spider. She is using black felt tip and drawing at the bottom left of the paper, vertical lines and circle. This level of play would be...
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